UN/CEFACT Forum Management Group

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The Forum Management Group was established in September 2004 after a restructuring of the UN/CEFACT organization in May 2004.
The FMG is directly responsible for the management of the Forum. Its responsibilities include:

Executing the programme of work of the Forum approved by the Plenary, ensuring coordination of related work among PGs, preventing any work duplication among PGs, reporting to the Bureau;

Preparing the UN/CEFACT Forum meetings ;

Developing and maintaining one set of general operational procedures for the Forum, including PG membership requirements, requirements for reporting and publishing, actions, voting results and other decisions and ensuring that these procedures are consistently followed by the PGs;

Managing the overall implementation of the Open Development Process and making recommendations to the Bureau and the Plenary on any required modifications to those procedures;

Coordinating the provision of resources to the PGs, working in conjunction with the UNECE secretariat. This includes external resources;

Providing recommendations to the Bureau on the structure of the Forum;

Resolve disputes which may arise within the Forum. Disputes which cannot be resolved by the FMG are referred to the Bureau.;

Coordination of Forum promotion and communication activities in cooperation with the Bureau.

UN/CEFACT is in the unique position to create Global eBusiness standards for the purpose of facilitating trade world wide. In cooperation with OASIS it has created the ebXML standard, which is leading the world into a new era, where business will be done over the Internet and businesses and governments will collaborate at a higher level to achieve the largest cost savings.

The FMG is to provide the overall operational management of the UN/CEFACT Forum and is determined to accelerate delivery of standards the world is waiting for. The FMG will provide the Project Management to ensure that new project proposals are assigned to the appropriate permanent group to prevent duplication. The FMG will launch a Sponsorship programme to provide for the necessary funding of the work.

The FMG membership is comprised of the chairs of the five permanent UN/CEFACT groups plus two additional members of TBG. The FMG Chair and Vice-Chair have been elected by the UN/CEFACT Forum.

The semi-annual UN/CEFACT Forum is the concurrent meeting of all permanent UN/CEFACT Groups at one time in the same location to facilitate close liaison and full interaction as a single working body.