UAE’s Korean Film Festival: Screening six films at a time

Korean Film Festival

On behalf of the fifth Korean Film Festival in 2021, the event features the six latest Korean films accompanying 18 short independent animations. The films will be presented with English and Arabic subtitles from the genres of historical drama to documentaries. The residents of the UAE can view the event free of charge. However, the event is limited to 500 viewers only, for a single show.

Does the film festival include only films?

The Korean Cultural Centre has provided its first plan of introducing the Korean Film Festival. However, it has planned for many other events, shows, and performances on the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the UAE and also to welcome Expo 2021 Dubai in the other half of 2021.

The prominent films that will be presented at the Korean film festival are:

The Book of Fish

Directed by Lee Joon-ik, ‘The Book of fish’ is a historical drama shot entirely in black and white. This film mainly focuses on a scholar from the Joseon era, Jeong Yak-jeon, being exiled to Heuksan Island. The protagonist meets a young fisherman who has a broad understanding of the sea and is a person who admires Confucianism. Fascinated by the fisherman’s knowledge, the story’s protagonist decides to write a book on the same.

 Korean Film Festival

Moving On

Being set in the port city of Inchon, the story revolves around Ok-joo, a young girl accompanying her little brother, Dong-joo. The two characters living with their divorced father, who has failed in businesses and lost his fortune, are forced to shift to their grandfather’s house. The young girl feels awkward staying with her grandpa as the story continues but eventually gets adjusted. However, the story takes a turn as she gets adapted to the situation when her grandfather gets sick and her aunt and father decide to sell the house while sending her grandfather to the hospital.

The Day I Died: Unclosed Case

This 2020 film starring Kim Hye-soo, Roh Jeong-eui, and Lee Jung-eun revolves around the disappearance of Se-jin, a young girl on a stormy and dark night. Later, the story continues with a detective being appointed to work on the case; however, the girl’s body cannot be found, and the case is remained open. With this information, the police dismiss the case as a suicide death. But, the detective named Hyun-soo investigates the case by heading to the island and finds out the truth.


The 2018 film revolves around the young protagonist, Bo Ri, aged 11, the only member of her family who can hear and live in a village that faces the seaside. As she is exposed to the outer world, she finds it difficult to cope with the pace of communicating with her family. The story takes a turn when she jumps into the sea, loses consciousness, and later pretends to be deaf, just like the other members of her family.


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