Q. What is the DISA Registry Initiative?
A. The DISA Registry Initiative or DRIve is a program to deploy the technology outlined in the ebXML specifications for a standard online index of items needed by companies to do business in particular industries.


Q. Why is DISA undertaking a registry?
A. DISA, as an early and strong supporter of ebXML, has offered to serve as a test-bed for development of a registry that meets the ebXML requirements and to provide an index for the work of DISA-affiliated organizations.


Q. What will be listed in the DISA registry?
A. The registry will include business process models, XML schemas and DTDs, and related business objects (such as industry-specific code lists) in a systematic way. DRIve will also index profiles of companies that support the industry specifications, to make their capabilities known to potential trading partners. The registry will have the ability to expand to include new specifications for core components, interoperable business semantics still in development by ebXML and the EDI standards bodies. Because DRIve will follow the open ebXML specifications, it will allow for cross-indexing in related registries offered by complementary standards organizations or industries.

Q. How will the registry work?
A. Companies wishing to do business electronically in a particular industry can search for and retrieve these models, schemas, profiles, and other objects, using common retrieval methods. These methods include browse and drill-down, as well as filtered searches, both required by the ebXML specifications. As required by ebXML, DRIve will use standard message formats based on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), an XML messaging specification endorsed by all leading software companies, for submission of objects and responses. It will also have security to protect against unauthorized access, integrity of objects, and non-repudiation of entries.


Q. Will the registry store the objects as well as list them?
A. No, the actual storage takes place in a repository. DISA is also working to provide in electronic form the standards and specifications developed by the groups it services, which will require a repository for the data objects in those documents. The registry will serve as the index and access method for those data objects.


Q. Why did DISA chose the ebXML registry specifications?
A. EbXML is an international undertaking led by OASIS and UN/CEFACT to develop common specifications to enable any company do conduct e-business with any other company, in any industry, anywhere in the world. EbXML used an open standards process and attracted participation from leading business consortiums, standards bodies, industry groups. Many of DISA’s affiliated organizations, including ASC X12 and OTA have endorsed ebXML.

Q. What can companies get out of participation in DRIve?
A. DRIve is one of the first efforts to implement the ebXML specifications, and as a result, those companies taking part in DRIve will be among the first getting valuable experience working with the specifications. For user companies, DRIve offers a head start to prepare their systems for ebXML, and have their company profiles listed in the registry ahead of their competitors. For technology vendors, it provides an opportunity to develop systems and services compliant with ebXML and work with end-user companies interested in implementing the specifications.

Q. What does it take to participate in DRIve?
A. DISA is limiting DRIve participation to members of DISA affiliated organizations – Accredited Standards Committee X12, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association, Interactive Financial Exchange, Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization, Open Philanthropy Exchange Forum, and Open Travel Alliance (and others that may join with DISA as the project unfolds). There is no additional charge for DISA members to take part. Any individuals wishing to take part that are not members of these groups, will need to first join up; see http://www.academia.news/about_join.cfm for details.

Q. What opportunities for participation does DRIve provide?
A. DISA affiliate members can take part in either a steering group that provides direction and policy, or a working group that will perform the technical tasks. DISA is setting up list-serves and message/document posting forums to facilitate the work.