Taliban is Now Carrying a Door-to-Door Manhunt

Taliban is Now Carrying a Door-to-Door Manhunt

Ever since the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, the rest of the world has watched the new events happen with great uncertainty, fear, and sadness. While the Taliban made it clear in its first press conference that it harbors no feelings of revenge and that it will protect the rights of women, it is quite difficult to trust its words considering its violent past.

Taliban’s Brutality Still Intact

The Taliban have always been known for their brutality. Many illegal and dangerous activities have been conducted under their strong influence and power. For instance, the recent protests in Afghanistan resulted in a few getting shot and killed.

Taliban is Now Carrying a Door-to-Door Manhunt

After all, despite the Taliban softening its strict interpretation of Sharia law in its possible attempts to gain legitimacy as a nation in the eyes of the world, its ideology fundamentally remains unchanged at its core.

Blacklisted Individuals Face Serious Threat

Despite all its promises, the Taliban is, at present, targeting several people and carrying out a door-to-door manhunt. In fact, it has even been said that if the blacklisted people do not surrender in time, the Taliban will punish its family members instead.

Hence, there is no doubt that those individuals who find themselves on the blacklist are under immense threat and pressure. The possibility of mass executions still looms large over the land of Afghanistan and remains concerning.

Taliban is Now Carrying a Door-to-Door Manhunt

Evacuation Efforts

It is no wonder that many Afghanis have tried to escape this tyranny and have even given their lives in their attempts to do so. A 19-year-old boy called Zakir Anwari, who was a talented football player for Afghanistan’s national football team, recently died due to his fall from a US plane leaving Kabul.

The evacuation efforts are soon going to be doubled as many Afghanis and non-Afghanis are eager to escape this violent and uncertain atmosphere. The presence of the Taliban fighters moving around in US armored vehicles has been a chilling sight. It has its hand on around 40 aircraft as well.

Taliban is Now Carrying a Door-to-Door Manhunt

To Sum Up

According to the UN document, those officials who worked for NATO forces or the previous Afghan government are still at immense risk. Despite its vow to protect women under the Islamic framework, there is still uncertainty over how the rule will look like.

The debate among nations on whether to recognize China is still ongoing in light of recent events. In fact, due to this uncertainty and lack of trust, the IMF has even decided not to give Taliban access to its fund as it is likely that the funds will be used for accumulation of power and propagation of violence instead of helping the country get out of its economic crisis induced by the covid-19 pandemic.


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