Sydney Sees a Rise in Variant Delta Cases

Delta Cases

The spread of the Covid-10, mainly the dreaded Delta variant, is escalating day by day. Residents in Sydney have been warned that the situation is likely to worsen with time. Sydney is Australia’s largest city, and the two-month lockdown has not been enough to curb the virus spread.

The Third Wave

This is the third wave of infection which Australia is seeing. The third wave clearly demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the vaccination campaign in Australia. A major percentage of the population still remains unvaccinated.

Sydney is likely to see many lockdowns in the future until the vaccination targets are met. As with people all around the world, many Australians are experiencing deep frustration with the restrictions and the inability to work with ease and convenience. People are currently only allowed to go out for grocery shopping and work.

The First Delta Variant Case

It all began with the unfortunate occurrence of a Sydney limousine driver getting infected with the dangerous delta variant in the month of June. Ever since then, the city has been in lockdown. Despite the lockdown, there is a record high of around 400 Covid-19 infection cases.

The Challenges

The Government has more problems on its plate this time. Not only does it have to ensure the vaccination program is fully effective, but it also has to make now an effort to trace the virus and do lots of testing.

Due to the elusiveness of the Delta variant and its contagious spread, even the limited movement of people during the lockdown seems to pose a tremendous risk. Hence, citizens are advised to follow utmost caution and all the social distancing guidelines. It is highly unlikely there will be social events or gatherings until this situation is fully contained.  

The vaccination targets will not likely be reached until the end of this year. The Australian Government’s approach has suggested that lockdowns may not be required if its vaccination campaign is effective by December.

The Spread to New Zealand

Even Melbourne and Canberra see a rise in delta variant cases. This tragic outbreak in Australia has even spread to New Zealand, forcing the country to go into a lockdown over a single infection case. Although Australia may not be able to fully follow the ‘go hard and go early’ approach of New Zealand, Australia is likely to attain low infection rates if vaccination is made a high priority to the worst affected suburbs, such as those in Sydney and New South Wales.

delta variant cases

To Sum Up

Australian authorities will be forced to keep a check on Sydney as it is currently the worst affected place in Australia. Australians are repeatedly being encouraged to get themselves tested and get the vaccination as well.


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