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International News

In this article, I will be talking about some very updated news as to what the United States officials are saying about people who were fully vaccinated and if they need a booster shot. In short, they say that a person who is fully vaccinated with a government approved vaccine does not need a booster shot of the vaccine, because they have full immunity. But, they say that even though you have been vaccinated, it is possible that you may get infected with the virus. The vaccine does not provide full shielding against a Covid 19 infection, but it definitely keeps you from ending up in the hospital.


Almost every single medical professional has actually been promoting people to go and get a COVID-19 vaccine, no matter which one it is, as long as it is approved by the government. Pfizer said that it has actually planned to ask US regulations to authorise a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, based on evidence of greater risk of infection after six months of being fully vaccinated. This is because of a Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus that has been making its way throughout the world, even though there are a lot of protections set in place.

A lot of officials actually had a briefing from Faizan on Monday, and they talked about the Delta variant of the virus that is spreading all around the world. Pfizer said that they have planned to publish a lot of definitive data, about the vaccination and if people need a booster shot. A lot of officials in the WHO said that a lot of rich countries should not end up ordering booster shots of their vaccinated populations, because the vaccine is required in countries where people cannot afford to pay so much for a Covid vaccine. The virus and the pandemic cannot be stopped unless the entire population of the whole world is vaccinated. As long as there are countries in the world where people are not vaccinated, it is certain that this pandemic is not going to come to an end.

Covid vaccine

A lot of people are trying their best to make sure that vaccines reach every single and nook and corner of the world. At the end of the day, it actually comes down to you, the general population; you should decide whether you want to take the COVID-19 vaccines or not. It is highly recommended that you do, because it definitely provides a level of immunity and protection against any kind of variant of the virus that is in circulation currently in the world. According to a lot of official data, it definitely saves you from any serious infections.


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