Jean Claude Kabongo talks about the energy crisis

Jean Claude Kabongo

The Congolese regime’s business emissary, Jean-Claude Kabongo, has recently expressed his thoughts and concerns over the global energy crisis. As Felix Tshisekedi’s chief special advisor, he has been a prominent personality in working towards bringing solutions to the global energy crisis the world is facing today.

In a recent interview, he shared his concern over the Global Energy Crisis we are witnessing today and what the future is likely to bring for us. As an eminent personality with excellent knowledge of oil and gas, he served as a special advisor to the country’s president, making him an ideal authority to consider energy resources and related discussions.

Oil and gas overview in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Due to the significant oil and gas discoveries in the Eastern part, the Democratic Republic of Congo has the second-largest crude oil reserve in southern and Central Africa. The government has significant participation in which contribution because it is mainly responsible for allocating these resources to its significant areas and energy sectors. The president and his special advisor Jean-Claude Kabongo have been actively working on the project to strengthen the countries present in oil and gas distribution and other reserves. These two eminent personalities have been the primary reason the country is in such a stable situation today and is likely to keep progressing similarly for the years to come.

Energy access in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Almost 89% of the total country’s population had no access to necessities almost a decade ago. Of the total population, only 11% had proper access to the necessities, while 94% of the total population was entirely dependent on the Biomass consisting of cooking fuel. Although the access rates in the country have significantly increased after 2017, the energy access among the population was still alarming, especially in the rural areas. During this period, Jean-Claude Kabongo and the special advisory committee worked with the government to bring better solutions and systems for the population and solve the energy crisis problem the country was facing. This mainly had a mass effect on how the energy resources were divided among the total population, which was also necessary from the political perspective and for the country to save itself from the energy crisis.

Role in Green energy power guesthouses initiatives

The country has been running several green energy power guest house initiatives, including installing 136 solar panels across various buildings in the leading cities. It has been a prominent example of how green energy and Engineering can be brought together and used as a blueprint to develop similar initiatives to combat the global energy crisis. The Guesthouse initiative was primarily funded by Sweden, making it one of the most significant projects the country has seen in recent years, under the leadership of its president and his chief advisor Jean-Claude Kabongo.

Due to the result of these initiatives, the country is slowly emerging and healing from the energy crisis faced in 2016. After the consequences of this impact, almost 1.4 million people found themselves displaced and utterly dependent on government support. In this scenario, the guest house initiative provided proper support to the existing infrastructure. It helped the government develop better strategies in place to cope with the energy crisis. Even if we do not look at the conflict, the initial covid-19 outbreak and crop-destroying pests came out as significant challenges for the government and responsible authorities to deal with the reducing food production and mass hunger and poverty across the country.

Since the country is home to millions of displaced people in Africa, it became increasingly difficult for the government to continue with the guest house initiatives. Nevertheless, there was always a need to develop strategies that could help the Government and other responsible Agencies welcome humanitarians and use the guest houses donated by the local government. The projects concerning its maintenance and construction resulted in the generation of houses of jobs across the country, which ultimately helped boost the local economy and its existing situation.

Future opportunities

The future opportunities and challenges concerning energy consumption and related challenges entirely depend on how the country proceeds with the existing projects. Jean-Claude Kabongo, along with his associates, had played a significant role in enabling the responsible authorities to understand their responsibilities and role in helping the country deal with the energy crisis. Although the situation is not very critical at this point, the future always remains uncertain. It requires a person to understand the intricacies involved in the matter and the outcome of the solutions that can provide better opportunities in hand to deal with the challenges lying ahead. This is precisely what Jean-Claude Kabono has always kept as his primary concern as a leader.

Critics see him as a personality with great potential to become a leader in the years to come. Still, the speculations remain that there can be more challenging situations for him as an ideal candidate. He has strengthened his position from both an economic and political perspective. However, his persistent and hard-working nature towards bringing better opportunities for his nation serves as his driving force. It is also why people look up to him as an ideal when it comes to such significant concerns as the energy crisis in the country.

Final word

It would not be wrong to say that Jean-Claude Kabongo is ideal for millions of people across the country. He has been a prominent figure for the Democratic Republic of Congo residents, implying that the country is probably in safe hands concerning its oil and energy management. Moreover, a prominent figure from the political perspective, Jean-Claude Kabongo, continues to contribute to the country’s betterment and his position on the global landscape. Therefore, he has emerged as an ideal for millions of people across the country.

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