Heatwaves Burning Lives!

Heat Waves

Wildfires in the United States are burning more than one million acres of the western US and Canada As the temperature is rising steadily from a brutal weekend heatwave.

Wildfire in the US and Canada

According to the wildfire officials, over 850,000 acres were on fire in the western states such as California, Oregon, and Arizona and over 300,000 acres in Canada’s British Columbia alone.


US National Weather Service(NWS)

NWS warns about the rising temperature that is the dangerous heatwaves continuing in some regions in the early part of the week with 116° Fahrenheit, which is 47° Celsius. There was a head advisory issued to the communities outside Los Angeles.

The overall temperature has now started to dip, with breezes in northern California and storms in New Mexico and Arizona. But the excessive heat warnings are the same for most of the areas, according to NWS.

Ranging of Wildfires

In British Columbia, it is recorded that the borders are reaching a temperature around 98°F above the seasonal norms, where around 300 wildfires were actively burning across the Canadian province.

In California, at the same point in 2020s record-breaking season, a large fire near lake Tahoe is more than twice this year as many acres of land are burnt. This area is now suffering from the head, increased winds, dry vegetation,  and low humidity.

The blaze of lighting

Last week, the lightning-sparked with two blazes set the Beckwourth Complex on fire and is now growing to burn around 90,000 acres.

Oregon’s conflict

The power supplies to California are being threatened as the Bootleg fire in the neighboring state of Oregon has grown three times the size reaching over 150,000 acres.

Two of the firefighters had died in an aviation accident in Arizona.

Climate Change

The heatwaves in some of the areas struck at the end of June and are continuing to threaten the nearby localities.

According to the World Weather Attribution group, the global warming caused by greenhouse gases caused the heat wave in June made it 150 times more likely to happen.

Climate Change

Hottest June

According to the European Union’s climate monitoring service reports, June 2021 was the hottest month till now and is also the hottest June.

The activities of humans have caused the global temperature to rise constantly and the increase in fierce storms, extreme heatwaves, wildfires, and droughts.

It won’t be shocking if many more disasters are coming right away if we don’t stop these activities and start making the earth cooler.


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