Gen X Times, an Online Newspaper Especially for Generation X


The GenX Times News, Technology Generation News is written for people of Generation X. Generation X people were born from 1965 to 1981. Generation X grew up watching cable television and music videos. Generation X is known as the forgotten generation between the Baby boomers, 1946 to 1964, and Generation Y, born between 1981 and 1994. Generation X is perhaps the smallest of the generations because people were trying have smaller families after the large families created during the Baby boomer generation. Gen X Times, Generation Technology News has writing that is short and more to the point for the quicker demands of the X Generation. The X Generation was raised to be more independent than the Baby boomer. Generation X was raised by working parents and not raised by a stay-at-home-mother and only a working father. The news in the Gen X Times reflects the generation who grew up during the women’s lib movement when women began to have the same amount of education and job opportunities as a man. Now Generation X is dealing with the benefits of The Equal Rights Movement. Generation X looks to Gen X Times to speak and relate to their generation. Generation X is too mature for Generation Z, too technologically advanced and too young for Baby boomer news.

The Gen X News has what the X generation wants to read and know about without forcing information for Y generation or the Baby boomer generation news. Generation X News is in six categories that involves Belarus, World, Business, Russia, Sports, Europe, and News.

The Gen X News has information about plant-based skin care products designed for Generation X as they deal with middle age and want special skin care to remain looking youthful for as long as possible. Generation X having been exposed to the digital age since they were small, are the most receptive to digital coin investment and how the digital coin investments can benefit them most. Generation X was raised on personal computers, calculators, and computerized toys. Generation X is concerned with making higher education more affordable for themselves and their children. Act 741 limited the annual amount of tuition hikes until all colleges were in line with all colleges. Generation X is concerned a lot about our enviornment. Are the air, land and the water clean enough and safe enough for all living things.

Generation X is interest in international news such as the Free Theatre in Belarus. The Free Theatre decided to leave Belarus forever. The Belarus Free Theatre is leaving for good because the troupe wants to escape The Belarus president’s autoritarianism.

The Generation X is interested in sports. What happens to the athletes on and off the playing field?

GenX News came in handy for the first generation to be brought up in a digital world. Many Generation X people found online work during the pandemic. Many people aged 39 to 55 were able to improve their wealth by over 50 percent while many brick and mortar Baby boomer businesses were losing money or going out of business for good. Generation X does not believe the Social Security that is there for the Baby boomer will be there for Generation X. Gen X Times has ideas about how to help Generation X become financially secure. Generation X is the new sandwich generation between raising their kids and caring for aging parents. Gradually, the government will eliminate paper and coin currency. Slowly, we will only be able to use bitcoins and other cyber currency.

Generation X is interested in learning about technological solutions that are out there to help clean up the oil spill from the waters in the Gulf Coast. IfM professors have been working on a cleaning solution to effectively clean up the Gulf Coast waters.

Is the government corupt? People from the Silent Generation perhaps all the way to Generation Z have pondered that question. Generation X are now in the majority of voters in the United States presidential elections. Generation X is most likely to get their political information from MTV than from Fox News like the older generations. Many Generation X people were informed by MTV to register to vote through Generation X wants to know if their vote counts, especially when the security of their votes are out into question like in 2020. The Gen X Times does not let Generation X down.


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