VHS Conversion

Memories stay with people forever, but one cannot say the same for old tapes like the VHS tapes. With the advancement in technology, VHS tapes are a story in history. Neither VHS tapes nor film reels are designed to last for an eternity. Like everything else, VHS tapes need to evolve and get digitalised to ensure that old film reels are not getting lost with time. In this blog, we are going to discuss ways by which people can convert VHS tapes into digital copies to ensure their utilisation is not compromised. 

Old home movies can be preserved or stored for a longer duration by following any of the below ways.

Using a DVD recorder

All people need to do is transfer the tapes to a DVD by connecting a tape player to the purchased DVD recorder. Several formats of videos have evolved with advancements in technology. Although having said that, DVD recorders too are becoming quite rare to find in the market and can only be now found on platforms like Craigslist. 

Direct conversion of films to video

The best way to convert an 8mm film roll into a video is through a video converter. All you need to do is insert it into the converting machine, and the film roll will get copied to a digital memory card. Even though the video converter machine can often be expensive and out of budget for many people, it is a classic instrument used to store the classic memories of people that were once stored in VHS Tapes. 

Purchasing a video-capture device

The direct transfer of your old tapes into your home system requires the purchase of an analogue video capture device. On one side, you are required to connect a tape recorder; on the other hand, you need to plug in the computer’s USB and connect the two items. One needs to download the right software, following which they can either store the films or burn them into DVDs, depending on their needs. Even though video capture devices are cheap, they require special attention and knowledge since it is difficult to understand the mechanism at times. 

Hiring a service

EachMoment is one such service provider which specializes in converting old VHS tapes and movies to digital files to increase the life of the items. The experts are equipped with software that allows seamless conversion of old VHS tapes into digital files. Your memories are protected and saved properly for your future self and generation to see. Memories are incidents that you have already experienced in your life. But you do not mind revisiting them from time to time. Thus people need to use the right service provider so that they can store the VHS tapes into files that are easily accessible. Choosing the right service will ensure that your VHS tapes are safely handled, and they are being converted into files that are available for several decades to come easily.


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