Afghanistan to be ruled by a council


Taliban assured the world that Afghanistan will be governed by a ruling council. However, a senior member of the Islamist militant group has told Reuters that the Taliban’s supreme commander Habibullah Akhundzada, will be the overall in charge of the functioning of the council.

The Taliban will not exercise retribution against former pilots and soldiers of the Afghanistan government rather it will approach them to join the Taliban according to Waheedullah Hashimi, who is a key member of the group’s decision-making body.

Recently, the group has been targeting pilots trained by America in fighting terrorism. Thousands of Afghan soldiers have been killed by the Taliban for over two decades. It is to be seen if the Taliban would let go of its animosity and keep its decision of maintaining peace.

The hierarchy of power and rules of administration will be similar to what was outlined by Hashimi when Afghanistan was under the control of the Taliban from 1996 to 2001.

Mullah Omar

Mullah Omar used to control the insurgent group without coming out in open and left the decision-making for day-to-day affairs on a council. Hashimi revealed that Akhundzada will be the head of the council and will play a pivotal role in the administration of Afghanistan.

He said Akhundzada, his deputy will fill the role of President for the country. Some of the issues regarding the political structure of the country will be decided, but Hashimi said Afghanistan will not be a democracy. He believes shariah does not permit democracy and hence, it doesn’t have any base.

Taliban has three leaders, Mawlavi Yaqoob, son of Mullah Omar, former leader of Taliban, Abdul Ghani Baradar, co-founder of the militant group and responsible for operating the Doha office and Sirajuddin Haqqani. He is also the leader of the deadly militant group Haqqani Network.

There will not be any deliberations on what type of government will Afghanistan have as they have decided the country will be run by the rules of shariah. Hashimi will be joining the members of a group responsible for resolving issues related to governance in the coming days.

Afghanistan will be making its new national armed forces that will be made from the existing members of the insurgent group and former soldiers of the Afghanistan armed forces who are willing to join them.

Taliban sees pilots as resourceful and wants them to join as they have received their training in places like Germany, Turkey, and England. So, they want them to get them back in their positions.

Hashimi said that the Taliban will urge these soldiers to join back as they plan to have some changes and reforms in the army. Their priority is hiring pilots as they do not have any in their group. Taliban quickly captures all the airfields and seized aircraft after the US declared to pull off from Afghanistan.


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