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Many industries are looking to develop and implement eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specifications to eliminate paperwork, improve data accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. This effort requires technical and administrative support. DISA can help!

Unlike other association management firms, DISA is an experienced leader in supporting multi-industry business standards development in an open consensus-based environment. No two industries are alike. That's why we offer flexible types and levels of service. The primary areas of support include:

Specification Development

  • Manage the specification setting process
  • Publish approved specifications
  • Provide technical guidance

Organization Administration

  • Provide corporate and general administration
  • Manage finances and accounting procedures
  • Offer membership recruitment, accounting and retention services
  • Maintain web site and database
  • Provide communications, marketing and meetings support

Call us today at (703) 970-4480 to see how we can help your industry investigate, develop and implement XML specifications.


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