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15 Dec 2016

HIMSS17 Annual Conference & Exhibition

1 Dec 2016

Revised X12 Public Comment Period Timeline for X12N 7030 Technical Reports

7 Nov 2016

Winter 2017 X12 Standing Meeting

1 Nov 2016

X12 Accepting Applications for its Board of Directors

1 Nov 2016

Announcing a Public Review Period for the 835

6 Oct 2016

Announcing Public Review Periods for 4 Draft Implementation Guides

5 Oct 2016

Public Review and Commenting Training

1 Oct 2016

Announcing Public Review Periods for Implementation Guides

22 Sep 2016

Announcing X12 Standing Meeting Mobile App

19 Sep 2016

We've Changed Our Name to X12

30 Aug 2016

Announcing an Informational Forum for Type 1 Errata

10 Aug 2016

Announcing Public Review Periods for Type 1 Errata

25 Jul 2016

Announcing an Informational Forum for the Plan Member Reporting 834

25 Jul 2016

Nominations Are Open for the X12 Edward A. Guilbert and Earl J. Bass Awards

16 Jun 2016

Announcing a Public Review Period for the 834, Plan Member Reporting

15 Jun 2016

Announcing ASC X12N's Public Comment Period Timeline for 7030 Technical Reports

4 May 2016

Announcing an Informational Forum for the 271, Premium Payment Grace Period Notification

4 May 2016

Announcing an Informational Forum for the 266/824, Mortgage Record Change Notification

12 Apr 2016

There's a Seat for You at the Table

29 Mar 2016

ASC X12N revising the 7030™ Technical Reports Public Comment Timeline

15 Mar 2016

Announcing a Public Review Period for the 266/824, Mortgage Record Change Notification

9 Mar 2016

Announcing a Public Review Period for the 271, Premium Payment Grace Period Notification

8 Feb 2016

Summer 2016 Meeting Registration

4 Feb 2016

Anderson and Fetzer to Serve Another Term on the ASC X12 Board

11 Jan 2016

ASC X12 Control Standards Available

4 Jan 2016

ASC X12 Board of Directors Election

2 Jan 2016

Winter 2016 Meeting Registration

2 Jan 2016

Winter 2016 Meeting Registration

29 Oct 2015

ASC X12 Call for Board of Director Applications

28 Oct 2015

Central Desktop becomes iMeet Central

19 Oct 2015

Workbook & Ballot Tool

28 Sep 2015

ASC X12 Confers Awards

28 Sep 2015

ASC X12 Elects Officers

9 Jul 2015

ASC X12 Announces Interim Executive Director

21 May 2015

Reminder of ASC X12 Policies Related to information Dissemination

8 May 2014

June HIX CR1408 Schedule Announcement

4 Feb 2014

ASC X12 Announces new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accreditation

4 Sep 2013

The ASC X12 Transaction Examples Web Site is Available Now

18 Jul 2013

ASC X12 Award Nominations Open

24 May 2013

Call for Nominations: ASC X12 Chair/Vice Chair-2013-2015 Term

23 Apr 2013

IAIABC Adopts the CARC and RARC Usage TR2

22 Apr 2013

Public Review Period for the Proposed CARC and RARC Usage TR2

28 Jan 2013

ASC X12 Announces a New Publicly Available Change Request System

4 Jan 2013

CMS Announces 90-Day Period of Enforcement Discretion for Compliance with Eligibility and Claim Status Operating Rules

20 Dec 2012

WEDI & ASC X12 to Partner to Ease HPID Compliance

21 Nov 2012

ASC X12 and CORE Joint Webinar:

10 Oct 2012

2012 Guilbert and Bass Award Honorees

18 Sep 2012

Data Interchange Standards Association Installs New Board of Directors

17 Sep 2012

ASC X12 and CAQH CORE Joint Webinar

11 Sep 2012

ASC X12 Announces Technical Report for Health Care Fee Schedules Available

13 Aug 2012

ASC X12 Announces Technical Reports for Post-Adjudicated Health Care Claims Data Reporting Available

9 Apr 2012

HHS Press Release: New health care law provisions cut red tape, save up to $4.6 billion

15 Mar 2012

Enforcement Discretion for 5010 Extended

7 Feb 2012

ASC X12 not recommending 6020 TR3s to DSMO for HIPAA adoption

8 Dec 2011

5010 to 6020 Change Summaries Announced

17 Nov 2011

6020tm Public Comment Period Extended

17 Nov 2011

ASC X12 and HL7 International Submit NCVHS Testimony Requesting to be Named as an Operating Rules Entity for Claim Attachments

13 Oct 2011

Uniform Medical Claims Payer Reporting Discussions Held During ASC X12 Standing Meeting

5 Oct 2011

ASC X12 Members Re-elect Sheppard and Beatty as Chair and Vice Chair

4 Oct 2011

ASC X12 and DISA Announce Guilbert, Bass Awards Honorees for 2011

15 Aug 2011

Development of a Uniform Medical Claims Payer Reporting Standard

12 Jul 2011

ASC X12 Announces Technical Report for Health Care Claim Payment/Advice Code Usage Rules Available for Industry Review

30 Jun 2011

Data Interchange Standards Association Installs New Board of Directors

20 Jun 2011

ASC X12 Reports Strong Member Participation in the June Meetings

30 May 2011

ASC X12 Implements a New Interpretation Portal

2 May 2011

HL7 Publishes Plan-to-Plan Personal Health Record (PHR) Data Transfer Implementation Guide

20 Apr 2011

NCPDP and HL7 Announce New Chair and Chair Elect of the SCO, an Industry-wide Collaborative Focused on Healthcare Standardization and Interoperability

11 Apr 2011

ASC X12 Releases 5010 Consolidated Guides for HIPAA Mandated Implementation Guides

17 Mar 2011

Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) Board of Directors: Call for Nominations

15 Mar 2011

Announcing a Public Review Period for an ASC X12 TR2 with Operating Rules

17 Feb 2011

ASC X12 to Participate in Multiple Arenas at HIMSS11

14 Feb 2011

ASC X12 Conducts a Productive and Successful Trimester Meeting

14 Feb 2011

ASC X12N Meetings Focus on the Development of 6020 Implementation Guides and Federally Mandated Operating Rules

3 Dec 2010

ASC X12 Submits NCVHS Testimony Requesting to be Named as an Operating Rules Entity

2 Dec 2010

HIMSS and ASC X12 Collaborate on Education & Training

24 Nov 2010

WEDI and ASC X12 Publish a Revised Companion Guide Template

20 Oct 2010

Deadline for Requests for Modifications to the ASC X12 005010 Health Care Implementation Guides

18 Oct 2010

ASC X12 and DISA Announce Guilbert, Bass Awards Recipients for 2010

12 Oct 2010

ASC X12 Releases XML Schemas For HIPAA Mandated Content

26 Jul 2010

DISA Elects New Board of Directors Executive Committee and Board Officers

4 Jun 2010

ASC X12's Newest Development Architecture (CICA) Approved as an American National Standard

24 May 2010

ASC X12 Announces Industry Group Alignment in Support of National Health Reform to Simplify Health Care Claim Administration

14 Apr 2010

ASC X12 005010 HIPAA Health Interpretation Response Portal Reaches Milestone

7 Apr 2010

ASC X12 and HIMSS Deliver Successful HIPAA 005010 Implementation Webinar

25 Mar 2010

ASC X12 Collaborates with HIMSS to Deliver HIPAA 005010 Implementation Webinar

1 Feb 2010

ASC X12 VAN/Clearinghouse Summit Identifies Interconnect Issues and Need for Standard EDI Networks Practices

7 Jan 2010

ASC X12 005010 HIPAA Health Interpretation Response Portal is Paramount to Research on New Standard

18 Nov 2009

ASC X12 Receives WEDI Corporate Leadership Award

29 Sep 2009

Accredited Standards Committee X12 Elects Chair and Vice Chair for 2009-2011 Term

1 Sep 2009

Data Interchange Standards Association Launches Comprehensive 5010 Certification Service Related to HIPAA

18 Aug 2009

ASC X12 Extends Discounts on 005010 Guides Mandated Under HIPAA to AHA Members

3 Aug 2009

Announcing a Public Review Period for the Health Care Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance (834) Implementation Guide Type

27 Jul 2009

Public Comment Period Open for ASC X12 5010 837 Health Care Predetermination Technical Reports, Type 3

8 Jul 2009

ASC X12 Releases Implementation Guide: Personal Health Record Transfer Between Health Plans

22 Jun 2009

DISA Announces New Board Members for 2009 2011 Term

1 Jun 2009

Data Interchange Standards Association Announces Partnership to Deliver Comprehensive HIPAA 5010 Certification Service

13 Apr 2009

DISA and Foresight Corporation Present "Understanding 005010 & ICD-10: New HIPAA Requirements for Transactions" in May

23 Mar 2009

ASC X12 Participates in Health Care Standard Development Organization Summit

17 Mar 2009

ASC X12 Announces HIPAA Information Portal

16 Jan 2009

Final Rule to Support ASC X12 Standards Announced

13 Jan 2009

ASC X12 Submits Request to the DSMO on Acknowledgements

8 Oct 2008

ASC X12 September 2008 Trimester Meeting Highlights

25 Aug 2008

DISA Reveals Prestigious 2008 Awards Winners

19 Aug 2008

HHS Supports ASC X12 Standards, to Advance Electronic Health Care Environment

14 Aug 2008

ASC X12 Educates Healthcare Industry with 005010 Webinar Series

28 Jul 2008

Downloadable 005010 Implementation Guides Now Available on http://store.X12.org

30 May 2008

DISA Announces Two New Board Members

9 May 2008

DISA Announces New Director of Marketing and Communications

9 May 2008

ASC X12 Call for Input & Collaboration on a New/Combined Message Envelope Structure

29 Apr 2008

ASC X12-WEDI HIPAA Precon on X12 005010 Transactions

22 Apr 2008

GEFEG Reaffirms Commitment to X12 Tools for Members Program

21 Apr 2008

ASC X12 Integrates Data Modeling with Metadata Repositories

3 Apr 2008

HL7 and ASC X12 Offer Webinar on Plan-to-Plan Personal Health Record (PHR) Data Transfer Implementation Guide Ballot

2 Apr 2008

Register for CICA Training at June X12 Meeting in New Orleans

19 Mar 2008

EC-EDI Vendor Directory - 5th Edition Released

17 Mar 2008

ASC X12-WEDI HIPAA Pre-con on X12 005010 Transaction Enhancements

11 Mar 2008

Webinar on Personal Health Record Implementation Guide

27 Feb 2008

ASC X12 Collaborates with IAIABC to Extend EDI Standards to Comply with Workers' Comp E-Billing & Payment Mandates

13 Feb 2008

ASC X12 and GS1 Develop Cross-Industry Implementation Guideline Related to EDIINT

22 Jan 2008

Data Interchange Standards Association Announces Call for Nominations for 2008 Leadership and Service Awards

20 Dec 2007

CICA Sessions at ASC X12 Meeting in Seattle

16 Nov 2007

ASC X12 Positioned for Standards Innovation

4 Oct 2007

ASC X12-WEDI Conference on Health Savings Accounts & Real-Time Adjudication

2 Oct 2007

DISA Announces Recipients of 2007 Guilbert Award

24 Aug 2007

ASC X12 Chair & Vice Chair Election Information

22 Aug 2007

ASC X12-WEDI Conference on Health Savings Accounts & Real-Time Adjudication

14 Aug 2007

ASC X12's Commitment to Collaboration Expedites Consensus on Patient Eligibility Look-up Parameters

16 Jul 2007

ASC X12-WEDI Call for Speakers for Conference on Health Savings Accounts & Real-Time Adjudication

11 Jul 2007

Sign-up for CICA Training at September X12 Meeting in LA

5 Jul 2007

Siemens Executive Awarded Earl J. Bass e-Business Achievement Award

25 Jun 2007

DISA Announces New Officers and Board Members for 2007-2008

20 Jun 2007

ASC X12 Inventory Clearance - Save 25% off Versions 3070 - 4060

24 May 2007

ASC X12 Launches Standards-Setting Initiatives to Power RTA & HSA

21 May 2007

Sign-up for CICA Course at June ASC X12 Meeting

8 May 2007

ASC X12 Spring Savings - Save 25% off Version 5040

3 May 2007

Register Today for the June X12 Meeting in Orlando

20 Apr 2007

Special Thanks to X12 Members

17 Apr 2007

Info on Streamlined X12 CICA Development

21 Mar 2007

RFP for CICA Courseware

2 Mar 2007

RFP for Automating Import of CICA Data into the CICA Data Store

26 Sep 2006

ASC X12 & CIECA Collaborate, Begin Work on Subrogation Vendor Assignment Project

20 Sep 2006

DISA Honors Distinguished E-Commerce Educator Recipient of the 2006 Edward A. Guilbert Award

7 Sep 2006

HITSP Chair Dr. John D. Halamka to Present Standards Harmonization Session at ASC X12 Meeting in Boston

6 Sep 2006

Altova Increases Software Tool Contributions to ASC X12

11 Jul 2006

X12 Supply Chain Group Tackles Vertical Migration to Global Business Process Model

15 Jun 2006

X12 Marketing Group Strengthens ASC X12's Position as Leader in Cross-Industry Data Exchange Standards Arena

16 May 2006

ASC X12 Streamlines Standards Development Work Via Use of COTS Products

3 Apr 2006

DISA Announces Call for 15th Annual Edward A. Guilbert Award Nominations Honoring Exceptional E-Business Standards

15 Dec 2005

X12 Releases First Set of W3C-Compliant XML Schemas Based on CICA

7 Dec 2005

X12 & Collaborating Entities Conduct Proof of Concept on XML Message Supporting E-Payments Via ACH Network

18 Oct 2005

New X12 Chair Advocates Harmonization of Domestic & International Standards

18 Oct 2005

DISA Announces First-Ever Earl J. Bass EDI Achievement Award

18 Oct 2005

DISA Announces Recipients of 2005 Guilbert Award Honoring EDI Executives

4 Oct 2005

ASC X12 Approved Numerous Syntax Neutral Messages Expressed as XML Schema for Multiple Industries

23 Sep 2005

Publication of HIPAA NPRM for Electronic Claims Attachment Standards Marks Defining Moment for ASC X12 & HL7

15 Sep 2005

Sparx Systems Contributes Enterprise Architect UML 2.0 Modeling Tool to ASC X12 Standards Development

4 Aug 2005

Edifecs Contributes SpecBuilder Software to ANSI Accredited Standards Committee X12 Standards Development

27 Jul 2005

GEFEG Contributes New Product for X12 CICA Message Development to ANSI Accredited Standards Committee X12

7 Jul 2005

New Leadership for DISA Advocates Development and Adoption of Cross-Industry Electronic Data Exchange Standards

25 May 2005

Marketing Team Boosted at the Data Interchange Standards Association

16 May 2005

ASC X12 Creates New Supply Chain Subcommittee

16 May 2005

Altova Contributes Industry Leading XML Suite to X12 XML Development

15 Mar 2005

WPC Executive Elected as New Chair of ASC X12 Insurance Subcommittee

14 Mar 2005

ASC X12 Endorses MOUs with HL7 and NCPDP

11 Mar 2005

ASC X12 Membership Increases at State Government Level

3 Mar 2005

DISA Invites Vendors to Participate in X12 Member & End-User Tool Program for Interacting with X12's XML Framework

8 Nov 2004

ASC X12 Launches Implementation Guide Request for Interpretation Web Site

16 Sep 2004

DISA Announces Recipients of 2004 Guilbert Award: Honoring EDI & E-Commerce Business Pioneers

12 Aug 2004

Veteran Healthcare Executive Joins Data Interchange Standards Association Staff

25 Jun 2004

ASC X12 Members Celebrate 25 Years of eBusiness Standards

25 Jun 2004

ASC X12 Members Approve New CICA Standard, Enabling XML Business Message Development

17 May 2004

ASC X12s Educational Workshops Empower Participants to Apply CICA

13 May 2004

ANSI Executive Featured as Keynote Speaker at the Accredited Standards Committee X12s 25th Birthday Celebration

30 Mar 2004

DISA Hires McDonald as Membership Marketing and Public Relations Manager

21 Jan 2004

X12s 25th Birthday - Moving from EDI Revolution to XML Evolution

9 Dec 2003

ASC X12 Outreach Group Debuts CICA Workshop

10 Oct 2003

bTrade Executive Elected as New Chair to Drive Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 EDI & XML Initiatives

4 Sep 2003

Gartner Analyst Presents XML Standards Projections at the X12 Kickoff Event

28 Aug 2003

New leadership for DISA advocates the development & adoption of cross-industry electronic data exchange standards

12 Jun 2003

ASC X12 Develops X12 EDI & XML Standards for Multiple Industries, Including Healthcare, Insurance, Energy & Utilities

26 Mar 2003

New Automated Files Released for Health Care EDI Implementation Guides

5 Mar 2003

ASC X12 Defines 2003 Strategic Direction, Develops New EDI Messages in X12 & XML Formats

24 Feb 2003

ACI and NCR Partner to Provide Advanced ATM Solutions

29 Jan 2003

DISA, WebServices.Org to produce new daily news service

22 Jan 2003

ASC X12 & HR-XML Collaborate to Develop Common Data Standards in XML Formats

13 Jan 2003

ASC X12 Design Model for XML Gains Key Analyst Support

10 Dec 2002

XML Conference & Exposition 2002 Session Highlights X12 Reference Model for XML Design

4 Dec 2002

ASC X12's Insurance Subcommittee Releases Addenda for the Implementation Guides Mandated by HIPAA to Ease Implementation

25 Nov 2002

DISA's E-Business Standards News Available for Free on Your PDA & Web Site

30 Oct 2002

ASC X12 Develops New Messages in EDI & XML Formats and Creates Processes to Expedite a Standard's Speed to Market

30 Oct 2002

ASC X12 & OASIS ebXML Messaging TC Co-Located Meetings Addressed Incorporating ebXML Infrastructure

15 Oct 2002

Distinguished E-Commerce Advocates Win the DISA Guilbert Award

28 Aug 2002

DISA to Host W3C Web Services Development Meetings

23 Jul 2002

ANSI ASC X12 Reference Model Proposed for Electronic Business Messages Based on XML

20 Jun 2002

ANSI ASC X12 Develops New XML and EDI Transactions for Finance, Government, Mortgage and Transportation Industries

20 Jun 2002

DISA Releases New White Paper that Advocates Vital Role for E-Business Standards in Utility Deregulation

18 Jun 2002

ANSI ASC X12's Convergence & Outreach Task Group Addresses Universal Interoperability

12 Jun 2002

Leading Industry Standards Bodies Agree to Jointly Develop eBusiness Standards

13 May 2002

ANSI ASC X12 and OASIS UBL Co-locate Meetings to Enable Effective Liaison Activity

13 May 2002

DISA Unveils DRIve: A Prototype Registry of E-Business Specifications

27 Mar 2002

Meat & Poultry XML Launch Development of Data Standards for Supply Chain

19 Mar 2002

European Chemical Industry Supports Chem eStandards to Enhance Electronic Transactions Value

27 Feb 2002

DISA White Paper Shows Benefits of EDI & XML to Electronic Government

26 Feb 2002

ANSI ASC X12 Develops New EDI Transactions for Government & Mortgage Industries

26 Feb 2002

ANSI ASC X12 Co-located Meetings with International XML Initiatives Provide Exchange of Business & Technical Expertise

26 Feb 2002

ANSI ASC X12 Creates Outreach Group and Develops XML Design Rules & Processes

31 Jan 2002

ANSI ASC X12 Drives Cross-Industry Collaboration on XML Initiatives

17 Jan 2002

Media Alert: E-Business XML Cross-Industry Summit

17 Dec 2001

DISA's E-Business Standards Today Publishes White Paper & Celebrates 100th Issue

12 Dec 2001

ASC X12 Hosts the E-Business XML Cross-Industry Summit & Stimulates Convergence

3 Dec 2001

Network with Hospitality's Most Influential E-Business Leaders

14 Nov 2001

Building Business Value from Electronic Standards: CIDX Expands Rapidly & Announces European Conference in February

23 Oct 2001

Distinguished Authors Demystify ebXML at a Presentation & Book Signing

22 Oct 2001

ASC X12 Establishes Processes to Accommodate XML Development & Affirms Commitment to International Core Component Work

18 Sep 2001

DISA's Health Care Training Provides Cutting-Edge EDI Expertise Required for HIPAA

17 Sep 2001

Giga Endorses ASC X12 Initiative to Facilitate Cross-Industry Collaboration on XML

10 Sep 2001

Thriving Hospitality Group Appoints Executive Director

30 Aug 2001

Implementation & Conductivity - The Theme for the September CIDX Membership Meeting

27 Aug 2001

DISA Restructures Operations to Enhance Service to E-Business Standards Community

22 Aug 2001

New DISA Board Members Mirror Marketplace Diversity

23 Jul 2001

Common Format Adopted for Automated Underwriting

23 Jul 2001

DISA Launches Free News Wire Service: E-Business Standards Today

19 Jul 2001

ASC X12 Announces E-Business XML Cross-Industry Summit

21 Jun 2001

ASC X12 & EWG Develop ebXML-compliant Core Components Enabling Global Trade Using EDI in X12 & XML Formats

1 Jun 2001

Leaders of the DISA Registry Initiative Issue Call for Participation

25 Apr 2001

DISA Drives Development of ebXML Registry & Repository for Users Around the World

6 Apr 2001

New Leadership Strengthens Crucial Role in the E-Business Standards Community

27 Mar 2001

DISA's Health Care Training Provides EDI Implementation Expertise Required for HIPAA

27 Mar 2001

DISA Brings EDI & XML Training to E-Commerce Professionals this Spring

27 Mar 2001

DISA Offers UML Training Program for E-Commerce Professionals

19 Mar 2001

DISA to Host ebXML-compliant Registry and Repository for E-Business Standards

19 Mar 2001

Newest Version of Mortgage Transaction Standards Issued

16 Mar 2001

UN/EDIFACT Working Group Meeting, March 19-23, Washington DC

13 Mar 2001

Dynamic E-Business Advocates Win Distinguished EDI Award

13 Mar 2001

DISA Selects EC Power as Recipient of the Prestigious E-Business Enterprise Award

27 Feb 2001

ASC X12 and EWG Unify EDI and XML

22 Feb 2001

DISA Presents E-Business Enterprise Award at its E-Business and Internet Conference

14 Feb 2001

DISA's Show Features First Demonstration in 2001 of New ebXML Specifications

30 Jan 2001

Attend the Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association Global Meeting and Tech Showcase

20 Dec 2000

Global Hospitality Group Drives Electronic Distribution

12 Dec 2000

Association Unveils New E-Business Award at DISA's Annual Show

25 Oct 2000

EDI Standards Communities Agree to Jointly Develop Business XML

24 Aug 2000

Fueled by X12, HIPAA Final Rule Materializes

10 Jul 2000

DISA Issues Call for Participation in Annual E-Business and Internet Conference

29 Jun 2000

XML Standard for Philanthropic Sector To Be Announced in July

29 Jun 2000

X12 Committee Develops Suite of Tools for Broad Base of Users

22 Jun 2000

Travel and Hospitality Industries Join Forces to Converge Standards Development Efforts

10 May 2000

ebXML Uses OpenTravel Alliance Specification for Early Tests

1 May 2000

Dynamic E-Business Advocate Wins Highest EDI Award

6 Apr 2000

X12 Committee Endorses MOU with HHS & Collaborative Standards Bodies

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