Edward A. Guilbert e-Business Professional Award

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  Edward A. Guilbert e-Business Professional Award
Recognizing Significant Career Contributions in e-Business Message Development

Since 1991, DISA has awarded this lifetime achievement honor as the highest level of recognition bestowed upon a professional who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the e-business standards field.

The award is named in honor of Edward A. Guilbert, who served as a logistics officer during the Berlin Airlift of 1948 and later created the first system to exchange data electronically.

Evaluation Criteria
Candidates for nomination include individuals who exhibit a lifetime of strength and accomplishments in the following areas towards the advancement of e-business and EDI standards:

  • Breadth of Industry Service: Industry Participation and Profile of Service Achievements
  • Quality of Service: Level of Vision, Pioneering
  • Duration of Service: Dedication
  • Additional Statement from the Nominee's Sponsor Regarding Qualifications

Nomination Period
The nomination period for the 2012 Guilbert Award has ended.

Evaluation Process
The nominations are reviewed based upon the Evaluation Criteria and the candidate's application.

Presentation of Awards
The DISA Awards were presented during the General Session of the 2012 ASC X12 Fall Standing Meeting on October 1, 2012 in Rochester, NY.

2012 Guilbert Awards

Bob Miller & Kim Santos
Mr. Bob Miller and Mr. Kim Santos were selected as the 2012 Guilbert Award honorees. Mr. Miller served ASC X12 as both the Chair and Vice Chair of X12C Communications & Controls. In his work with X12C, he was a major contributor and subject matter expert in the development of X12.5 Interchange Control Structures, X12.6 Application Control Structure and X12.56 Interconnect Mailbag Control Structures. Mr. Miller is retired from GEIS/GXS as a VAN support specialist and consultant.

Mr. Santos is a retired U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer. He was instrumental in the development of the original Manifest application at CBP through the use of the precursor to X12, the Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (TDCC) standards. Mr. Santos was an active participant at ASC X12 dating back to 1986. He was elected as the first Chair of Transportation's Task Group 9 - Customs, when the task group was formed in 1994. He continued as chair until his retirement from CBP in 2010. In addition to chairing Task Group 9, Kim was an active participant in other Task Groups within Transportation, including Ocean, Motor, Rail, and the full Transportation Subcommittee.

Guilbert Award Recipients

2012Bob Miller
Kim Santos
2011Peter D. Pruyne
Mike Rawlins
2010Gale Carter

2009R.T. Crowley

2008Peter Randlev

2007Lance Dailey
Bob Lyttle
Verna Schultz

2006Dan Petrosky

2005Harry Featherstone
Pam Flaten

2004Doug Anderson
Dan Codman (posthumously)
Jim Sykes

2003Hank Lavery
Paul Lemme

2002Dr. Kepa Zubeldia
John B. Hunter

2001Jessie W. Alderson
Klaus-Dieter Naujok

2000Kendra Martin

1999Lee Barrett

1998Harriet J. Rusk

1997James J. Muenz

1996Hans Weiting

1995Earl J. Bass
Joseph G. Carley
Ralph W. Notto

1994Ken Hutcheson

1993Burton F. Millard

1992Clifford R. Buys

1991Edward A. Guilbert
David L. Torma

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